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Judo is a soft martial art that involves throwing and grappling techniques. The purpose of Judo is to trap the opponent, and it aims at tiring down the opponent. It was developed in Japan by Dr Jigoro Kano, the first Japanese member of the International Olympic Committee, during the later stages of the 19th century. He studied multiple forms of self-defence and integrated the best of them into his new sport. Fittingly, judo made its Olympic debut at Tokyo 1964.
In judo, judoka wear white or blue judogi. Judo matches last for four minutes, and the goal is for competitors to control their opponents with throws, groundwork, and strikes. A full point is called ippon is awarded when an opponent is thrown on their back with speed, force and skill. Otherwise, if a judoka can immobilise their opponent for 10 seconds, waza-ari (half point) is awarded. A 20-second immobilisation results in one full point and an automatic victory. Two half-point is equal to one entire point.

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