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Why Choose us

We Believe “Let the young minds play and learn.”

Why Choose us

APSGCAA has a systematic approach to work at a ground level. It will train students according to their skills and choices. It aims to develop the right attitude toward sports and competitions among children. It would enhance their approach to common problems related to life.

Awards & Recognition

The awards contribute to raising the right confidence in winners giving them the future vision.

Live competitions

Live competitions and major-level tournaments encourage students to confront fear, defeat, and triumph.

Trained coaches ​

Our network of well-trained coaches for each sport develops students' skills and knowledge in a better way.

International tournaments

A chance for national-level winners to showcase their skills on a global level.

Liberty of choice

A student may get a chance to choose sports according to its interest.

Sports scholarship

An opportunity for deserving students to avail scholarships for further education.