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Swami Dharmabandhu JI

"A great thinker, motivator and youth icon."

Dharmbandhu ji mission vision

Swami Dharmabandhu Ji.

A camp organized by Swami Dharambhandu Ji addressing the Indian army on various topics from national integration, communal and national harmony to health and fitness.

Swami Dharmabhandhu Ji originally hails from Tamil Nadu and head of the Shri Vedic Mission Trust; the camp intends to teach a patriotic spirit and spread the rich Indian culture among the youth and other people of the country.

The camp of Dharambandhu Ji provides a blend of intellectual and physical abilities influenced by Swami Vivekananda’s powerful message to train young people with steel nerves and iron muscles. Swami Vivekananda has once said in visionary terms that by playing football rather than reading the Gita, one would reach heaven.

He encourages young people, mostly from rural backgrounds, to engage in various sectors with the country’s top minds and jointly practice yoga, martial arts, horse-trading, shooting, and meditation.

Dharambandhu, enthusiastic about the camp’s success, is now organizing similar camps to assist teachers from all over the country. Top institutions in the country invited him to discuss and communicate with students and young people.

We feel privileged to be under the divine guidance of swami Dharmabandhu Ji.

May the grace of such gurus stay with our nation.

Our Team

Dr. Sudesh Kumar


Dr. Sudesh Kumar

In the career of sports and training, I got the privilege of meeting thousands of talented players from a school to college-level residing in different parts of the country. I got an opportunity to train them together in a group. I realized that everyone in education focuses on science, math, and English at the school level. At the same time, the subject of physical education gets a minimal amount of attention. Therefore, We decided to bring awareness to the importance and value of physical education in students' life. Conducting Competition on Curricular Activity will increase students' all-round development, which is the fundamental objective of physical education. All public school games and curricular activities associations have been formed to provide students a holistic platform.

Mrs. Karen Kaur team all public school

Mrs. Karen Kaur

International Relation Consultant

Mrs. Karen Kaur

It is rightly said that the Harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. Sportsperson and buddy creative artist is very well aware of it. Being a diligent and creative person, I always get an inspiration to dream big and perform better. Keeping in mind the same and mushrooming young buddy talent of rural and urban All India Public School Games and curricular activities Association was finally established in 2019. The APSGCAA foundation is built to work on children from an initial stage, impacting your multi-culture, multi-religious nation, and its values. After experiencing international diversity in technical and non-technical roles, I felt to use my knowledge to better society in every way. Sports are the best way to infuse multi faith values at a much younger level. It will have a drastic impact on the physical well-being of children. When you make your base strong physically and intellectually, a healthy nation can be built, which will give preference to humanity.


Mr. Sanjay Saini

General Secretory

Mr. Sanjay Saini

God has gifted every child various mental and physical abilities at the time of birth. We aim to provide a healthy mind to achieve life's objectives by creating responsible, loyal citizens in society. We do not say that we will change the world, but efforts have been placed to form an organization to develop new trends in the home, family, society, and the world to establish goodness. The life of a student is the foundation for the child. We want to make this foundation so strong that no power of the world can triumph beyond his ideals. Students tend to progress in life with so much experience-based knowledge to build their understanding by constructing social values ​​based on "Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam." Students should think beyond regionalism, inequality in the context of just humanity.

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